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Brief Introduction

     The Institute of Statistics of National Tsing Hua University was established in 1988 as a center of statistical research and education, its aim is to cultivate statisticians with excellent theoretical knowledge as well as practical capabilities. Its predecessor was the Statistics Group of the Institute of Applied Mathematics, Tsing Hua University. The Institute currently has 6 full-time professors, 2 full-time associate professors, and 4 joint professors,1 part-time professor, 21 doctoral students, and 51 master’s students. From 2013-2020, The Institute of Statistics of National Tsinghua University was ranked within the top 100 statistics departments among the world’s universities by QS World University Rankings. This achievement puts NTHU’s Institute of Statistics on a par with numerous prestigious American and European universities; NTHU is the only Taiwanese university to have entered the top 100 rank in the field of Statistics in the past 4 years. 

      Members of the faculty of the Institute of Statistics have published numerous papers in top Statistics journals and in top journals of related disciplines. Of the nine full-time members of our faculty, one is the recipient of the prestigious National Lecture Award, two are the recipients of the National Academic Award, three have won the National Distinguished Researcher Award at least twice, one is the recipient of the Foundation for the Advancement of Outstanding Scholarship’s Outstanding Researcher Lecture Award, two are the recipients of the Ministry of Science and Technology’s Exploration Program grant, one is the recipient of Academia Sinica’s Investigator Award, one is the recipient of TA-YOU WU Memorial Award as well as Academia Sinica’s Distinguished Young Investigator 
Award, one is the recipient of the Foundation for the Advancement of Outstanding Scholarship’s Foreign Outstanding Young Scholar Grant, two are elected members of the International Statistical Institute (ISI), one is an elected member of the American Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS), and one is an elected fellow of the American Statistical Association. Additionally, members of our faculty are very dedicated to teaching and possess unique experiences and perspectives. Of the nine permanent members of the faculty, one is the recipient of the University’s Outstanding Teaching Award, one is the recipient of the Faculty’s Teaching Excellence Award, one is a four-time recipient of the Faculty Teaching Excellence Awards.
      Students of the Institute of Statistics’ Master of Statistics degree program are divided into three applied statistics specialization tracks: Industrial Statistics, Biostatistics, and Data Science, with the purpose of cultivating professionals proficient in data analysis and statistical theory as well as domain knowledge, in order to meet the demands of the high-tech industry, the medical and biotechnology industry, and the digital data economy. Alumni of the Master of Statistics degree program have gone on to have distinguished careers in Industry and Academia.
      Statistics is the science of data analysis based on Probability Theory. Through the application of probability, statisticians extract information from data and meaningfully quantify uncertainties. With the rapid development of information technology, there has been an explosion of data in recent years, this has opened up more opportunities for further innovation and applications of statistics. In today’s data-rich world, statistics is fast becoming today’s most promising industry.
       In addition to the Institute of Statistics various academic and industrial accolades, its scenic lakeside location within National Tsing Hua University’s main campus and its proximity to Tsing Hua Garden makes it an ideal place for research and study.  

      Outstanding students from various fields are welcome to apply to our graduate programs. 




Past Directors of the Institute of Statistics

Years Name
Aug.1988~Jul.1991 Der-Shin Chang
Aug.1991~Jul.1992 Lien-Ju Chao
Aug.1992~Jul.1994 Ghih-Kang Chu
Aug.1994~Jul.1996 Rouh-Jane Chou
Aug.1996~Jul.1998 Lien-Ju Chao
Aug.1998~Jul.2000 Sheng-Tsaing Tseng
Aug.2000~Jul.2003 Der-Shin Chang
Aug.2003~Jul.2006 Long-Cheen Huwang
Aug.2006~Jul.2007 Sheng-Tsaing Tseng
Aug.2007~Jul.2008 Lien-Ju Chao
Aug.2008~Jul.2011 Nan-Jung Hsu
Aug.2011~Jul.2012 Long-Cheen Huwang
Aug.2012~Jul.2015 Li-Shan Huang
Aug.2015~Jul.2018 Nan-Jung Hsu
Aug.2018~Jul.2021 Ching-Kang Ing
Jul.2021~Now Li-Shan Huang